Gravity Belt Thickeners

Taneco BV provides you with a comprehensive service for your Belt presses and Belt thickeners. From switching the belt to complete revisions. Customer care is central to this. Both technical and operational support at the installations as well as technological support in the process are included in our service.

Taneco BV is a supplier of Voith spiral belts.

Rental equipment:

At Taneco BV you can rent professional equipment. Because we  both rent and sell equipment (long and short term), you have the choice of the most suitable solution for your situation. We can supply all kinds of equipment and accessories that you need to work safely and efficiently. If desired, we can maintain and repair the machines 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Delivery of Operators:

Are you looking for experienced operators for some time? Taneco BV allows you to use our skilled operators. Our operators have extensive experience with dewatering plants and communal wastewater treatment. This way you are always assured of a flexible and quick operation.

 Delivering of complete installations:

Within our group we also have the option of providing complete installations. Taneco BV offers the opportunity to design and build custom-made installations for you by a team of experienced engineers. The installations will be installed on location. We not only build the installations, but can also manage the installations according to your requirements. In this way we are always able to deliver the right quality.