Decanter Services:

In order to keep your decanter functioning efficiently and optimally, you can use a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. This maintenance program can be tailored to your specific requirements.With our preventive maintenance program, you ensure that your decanter is maintained, which will keep its functioning optimally. The preventive maintenance program consists of scheduled maintenance, interim maintenance and major maintenance (revisions).Through the use of various measuring devices we can map upcoming maintenance for you. This prevents downtime and significantly reduces costs. We have multiple decanter systems. If desired, this allows for a temporary decanter to reduce downtime.

Belt presses and Belt thickeners:

Taneco BV provides you with a comprehensive service for your Belt presses and Belt thickeners. From switching the belt to complete revisions. Customer care is central to this. Both technical and operational support at the installations as well as technological support in the process are included in our service. Taneco BV is a supplier of Voith spiral belts.

Rental equipment:

At Taneco BV you can rent professional equipment. Because we  both rent and sell equipment (long and short term), you have the choice of the most suitable solution for your situation. We can supply all kinds of equipment and accessories that you need to work safely and efficiently. If desired, we can maintain and repair the machines 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

The range of rental equipment include:

Decanter                                        Mostly built into a container or open frame, which can be used in a very short time

Heat exchangers                          Built-in in a container as well as skid built units.

Polymer dosing systems             Complete polymer preparation and dosing units for liquid and powdered products including feed pumps

At Taneco BV it is also possible to use our qualified operators when renting the equipment. This way we guarantee 24/7 service.