Spiral Belts

The Taneco Spiral Belts are mostly applied in transportation, filtration or separation applications for waste water treatment, in municipal plants, private plants, etc. A spiral belt, also called (spiral fabric, link fabric or belt filter) is the ideal solution for dewatering cases.

A long experience in the field of industrial fabrics and a constant attention to ecology have allowed Taneco to develop a wide range of spiral mesh belts for mechanical dewatering of liquid to solid for any kind of material.

Taneco Spiral Belts are made with special first quality yarns in 100% polyester. Every Taneco spiral belt is heat-set granting a high degree of stability and long running life. Advantages of our spiral belts are among others: strength, flat surface, good air permeability, stable property against heat and moisture, low thermal shrinking, less elongation at heat and a long lifespan.

Spiral belts are connected spirals by use of cross wires. The spirals contain filling wires, through which the open area is determined.

Features & Benefits:

 - High strength

- Stable under high tension

- High resistance against abrasion

- Can be made on size on site

- Seamless - the seam has exactly the same strength of the belt

- Can be repaired easily on site

- Durability, smoothness and good dirt release

- Filled or unfilled to achieve different filtration characteristics

- Sealed edges for lasting, economical solutions

- Widths up to 6 linear m

- Standard lengths to 60-80 m

- pH range 2 to 8